Saturday, May 22, 2010

So My Naturalversary Is Approaching.

In about 2 weeks and I will be 1 yr natural (well since I did my BC) I transitioned for about 4 months and I have to say I learned a lot about my hair. I think I will be writing a post about my "10 Thing I've Learned Since I've Been Natural" to commemorate my anniversary about things I know, wish I knew, and plan to do in my next year of being natural. I wish I wasn't so lazy with the styling among other things but such is life. Not planning on relaxing again...well for now. But we shall see. I'm having fun not worrying as much about my hair as I used to and rocking my Afro for days at a time. I do have to say that rocking that Afro I have experienced alot of tangles and the dreaded "fairy knots" but I will expand more on that in my 1 year post. Just read on LHCF that this product called Skala is supposed to be really good so Im off to purchase some of that and maybe I'll do my first product review. Mayn Im such a PJ =( Have a great weekend!

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