Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Have I Been Doing?

.........................................................well I've been losing weight. Yep. Making the number on the scale go dooowwwnnnnn LOL. If you follow me on Twitter than you've seen my #TurboFire (which is crazy!) post so you knew this, right? But since I've been on this getting #summertimefine / health kick I haven't been focusing on what's going on with my hair. But as with all things, when I eat better, everything gets better, which includes my hair. Its thriving, growing longer, stronger, and right now its getting on my nerves (#realtalk). I've never grown my hair for length...ok Im one point I was trying to have hair down to my bootay but as soon as it would touch my neck, I would get annoyed, and ended up in somebodys chair waiting for a cut. Now that my hair is natural if I had it cut it would just be a mini fro aka TWA and I can't do ish with that. Everytime I see a short, haired, permed girl I want to go back to the creamy crack then I start getting *flashbacks* about the awkward stage of growing my hair out, the every other week waiting in the salon for hours, the dryness of my scalp but I digress Im losing weight! Wasn't sure if I should start another blog or not just to talk about weight loss and my healthy eating or sharing some healthy recipes but I already have one TOO many blogs so Im still thinking. My blog names are taken by people who are not even using it. Sux! Anyway thats what I've been doing. Oh yeah Im going back to being fully red head for the summer! After going back and forth for months (to which I have 4 inch roots) and cutting 2-3 inches off in December Im redyeing my hair. Just out of plain boredom. Plus Im going to BK in the summer and I want something new...again =p Alright so yeah thats what I've been doing.

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