Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do We Worry Too Much About Our Hair?

So as I was perusing one my favorite all things hair site, LHCF  I ran across a post (and its not the first) where a naturalista complained about having heat damage. Now I grew up getting press n curls from my grandmother who was a licensed cosmetologists of over 30 years. Old school. Im talking about her basics were Madame CJ Walker's straightening comb and she eventually learned the now basic techniques of weaving and so on later in her career. But I said all of that to say no matter how much heat she put on my hair, I never had to deal or worry about heat damage. And I mean the marcels were so hot I remember the smoke being blown in my face as she pressed each section of hair. My hair grew like a weed or at least it seemed to be growing that way until I begged for another relaxer (young and unaware) and my hair would break off. *sigh* If I knew then what I knew now....I wonder if us new age, neonaturalistas worry too much about our hair? Grease, a marcel straightening comb, and sulfate infused shampoos worked for my natural hair with no complaints back then. #KanyeShrug 

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