Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Do' : Battling Fairy Knots

So last week I decided to take down my updo faux hawk inspired by MsTanish1 hair do and wear it loose in my signature afro (which Im afraid has become much more difficult to wear since my hair is growing)  *sidenote* Im watching a Las Vegas FAQ and now I want to be a "Pit Boss" the title just sounds so cool. *end sidenote* but anyhoo my hair needed to be free! So it let it out and it was free BUT it was looking hella crazy basically all of last week because Im not good at styling and Im finding it harder to work with the length. Considering BCing again to get my cute little afro back but Im trying to stay on target and grow enough hair to get into a ponytail...just one ponytail. I was thinking the other day that I don't I've had my hair in one ponytail without assistance of hair gel. Once it started growing it would break off and I would just cut it off and wear a short style, which I have been doing basically my entire adult life.  So since Im not that great at styling and I really don't care that much about my hair to get all into styling right now (yes, Im lazy) I decided to try my hand at 2 strand twist again. They're not hard to do and it helps defeats the dreaded fairy knots I get by wearing my kinky afro during the week. Everytime I go in with the intent to make them smaller then I give the dream up and take what I get. I hate that the back of my hair is much softer than the top, so the twist don't really like to stay but again I take what I can get. I used a leave-in con by Garner Fructis and topped it off with Cantu Shea Butter leave-in for hold. The Cantu doesn't work like it used to but its what I had...I really enjoy Carol's Daughter's Loc Butter but I haven't had the chance to get any but it works wonders! It gives you hold and really conditions my hair, so when the two strand twist wear out I can do a twist out and have well moisturized hair. Its just too bad 4 oz. cost like 8 bucks or something around that range. *le sigh* But without further adieu here's the Sunday do':

Finished Results

The Back (I hate that my neck looks like a linebacker but
whatever more motivation to get back in the gym)

                                                                          The top

And thats how I spent my Sunday =) Have a good week!

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