Friday, June 11, 2010

Beware: Stylists Giving Perms Without Permission

Wow! Just wow! Im in disbelief right now because I was over at MzLizzia's blog, Strawberri Curls and came across a post where a reader of hers had relaxer put into her "deep conditioning" treatment SMDH but here's the kicker....WITHOUT her permission! Understandably so she was pissed when her hair started falling out and the shop owner explained to her that they did that basically because they didn't want to deal with natural hair. Some nerve! Just takes me back to the day my stylist cousin (who did my BC and daughter who's also natural) told me that she didn't do natural hair but she only worked with straight hair. IMO, you shouldn't be able to call yourself a stylist if you can't do every type of hair (especially if your hair is just as curly, kinky, or coily like mine). Anyway, be careful who you let put their hands in your head. Read the story over at Strawberri Curls. Guess I'll forever be a kitchentician.

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