Thursday, June 10, 2010

Knock, Knock...Guess Who?

It's your hairline and I want to grow back!  Or at least that's what Im hoping that what's my hairline is saying because I'm losing my hairline...after years of wearing braids from the time I was 12 up until just last year and my hairline is suffering from it. Well actually my hairline was ok until the Fall of 2001 when I went off to school and needed a hairdo really bad. I let a girl from Ft Lauderdale braid my hair because her hair was on point. Bad move. $20 later I was left with an unfulfilled hairline that never grew back in right. I remember her braiding my hair so tight that I could see the bulb of my hair 2 days after it was over. I wore the braids for a good month and for most of the month I wore them with 2 braids not attached to my scalp =(  Sad part is...I want some braids now but I don't want to do more damage to my hairline. I wonder if hairline regrowth is possible?

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