Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cut Hair For Locs?

Now I recently blogged about people assuming and suggesting that I should get locs and me not wanting them (at this time). But I wonder if I would have to cut my hair to start growing locs? I saw this picture (above) of singer Valerie June on Black Girl Long Hair today and lubs her hair!  Its a shame how much I change my mind, I also want a weave for the summer. #KanyeShrug  Im on year 2, so Im going to start focusing more on retaining length so I can start making 4b versions of the pineapple ponytail that Curly Nikki talks about. BTW I still hate the hair typing system, but whatever its hump day! Oh yeah Im also considering vlogging.

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  1. Hey. I would like to help debunk the myth that you would need to cut off all of your hair in order to begin the journey of locking it. If you have a perm, you will eventually need to cut off the perm. If all of your hair is permed, then you will need to cut off all of your hair. If it is just your ends, then that will be all you need to lose. If none of your hair is permed and it is several inches in length, then you are perfectly fine. No cutting necessary. I started my locks with hair that was 3-4 inches in length. Hope this helps.