Thursday, July 22, 2010

For Girls With Dry Hair When Glycerin Mixes Are Not Enough.

June 21st, officially marked the first of summer and you live in my neck of the woods it would be considered summer all year long. BUT when summer rolls around, its summer all year long x1000 which equals extra dry hair. Last year, I had a TWA so my glycerin/water mix worked quite well, but this year my hair is suffering because not only do I have more hair but color on top of the additional hair. In an effort to combat breakage from my color experience this past weekend I threw my hair in 2 strand twists, which I planned on keeping for 2 weeks. But after 5 days I will be taking them down tonight and Im going to do another deep condition on Sunday because my hair isn't going to make it. Any suggestions for dry hair during the summer?

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