Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ME: Living My Fabulous Life!

Today, just like everyday...I wake up...go to work...waste my time (because that's what I'm doing at work, wasting my time because I'm not even using half of my brain power which is turning me into a worker mouse)...go home...REPEAT. I'm feeling so stagnant lately that the only place for me to move is up,as in up north or north of where I am that is LOL. I wanted to be around during my niece's first year  of life and with  her 1st year coming to an end its time to saddle up and go =) I've been feeling so inspired these past few days thanks to one of my favorite blogs A Belle In BK that I'm more determined more now than ever to start living the life I've been dreaming about. They say "A dream without a plan is just a wish" and I'm just trying to reach my dream so lately I've been thinking of plans to help me get there. I have a few ideas of businesses that I would like to go into which right now is depending on money. So, I decided to take on a part time job to help me save money and pay down debt I've accrued so I won't be taking that with me ;-) Everything else I guess will happen with time. Wish me luck!

*sidenote*You can't share your dreams with everyone because everyone won't be happy for you *end sidenote*

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