Monday, July 12, 2010

YouTube Vids, Braids, and Colour.

The results of me randomly braiding my hair while watching YouTube vids. I'm still learning and I have the technique down but the neatness...mmh not so much. I will more than likely take them out in the morning (well I know I will) but here were the results

I hate those pesky ends but one day I'll get it down. Oh can you see the colour? The results of my anxioua, spur of the moment idea to dye my hair with permanent color. So so so dry. This weekend I shall condition and order all the natural products my heart desires with my paycheck. Yep! Bad girl but my hair deserves it. Here's another shot of the color Im not braiding the front. Just practiced on the back. I only dyed my hair 3 weeks ago and the color is growing out already =/ Oh Im sure you saw that already in the first picture *le sigh* no more color for awhile until I decide I have time to invest in colored hair.


  1. I guess it just depends on each persons hair. I died the top blonde and so far its been no prob. I am cutting it out so I can have all black this year. #naturally lovely! ~@eechie

  2. Have you changed your haircare routine since becoming blonde? I think my hair is suffering from lack of care, moreso than color. I just don't spend enough time treating it how it should be =S