Friday, August 6, 2010

ME: Tired.

"I don't understand Alexis, you're educated, very well spoken, smart, you carry yourself well, what  is it? Why haven't you found something yet?"

-What my coworker/friend said to me yesterday

Those words have been stuck in my head since yesterday and I'm tired. Tired of being underappreciated, under utilized, under valued, underpaid, and under stimulated at work. So right now, today, I am planning my escape. Now I know we're in a recession I ain't crazy so I will be working towards a 6 month living fund to live off of while I'm in between jobs. I also plan on working part time during this time work on some of own personal goals while Im still in my youth. I'm probably going to have to sacrifice a few things but I know its not anymore than Im sacrificing now. Sacrificing my youth, not making the money I know I deserve, stressed out because Im not making the money I know I deserve, I need a change. Ive requested a week off to which my boss is taking her time in approving and if she doesnt approve Im going to call in sick for that week, and have my doctor write a note for stress. Because I just know there has to be a better way of life. Working 40 hours a week and not being able to even take a vacation or barely make ends meet is not the business. So today...even though I cant lie im scared as shit....I will be working towards that plan. For my sanity and happiness.

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