Friday, August 13, 2010

Hair Is Hair.

Woo! Haven't updated in awhile. Not that I didn't want to just didn't have anything to say and definitely no hair updates. I "trimmed" my hair a few weeks after a failed flat iron (check YouTube for the vid) and my hair has been in a rut. I was seriously considering doing another BC because I've decided long hair just isn't my thing. I know some people want feet length hair but that's never been my goal. I've always just wanted healthy hair or well at least to be able to make a ponytail...yep...thats it...a damn ponytail. After I flat ironed my hair last week I really felt how it just was in my way. On my face, in my eye, brushing against my neck. I like it when its shrunken and packed =) It has definitely grown in the past year and when I look back where I started and how I wore headbands (which at the time I thought were stylish and needed) I looked plain fucking silly LOL  because they were SO not needed. I wish I could post a pic but I have the 'itis right about now and no brain power to search. Year 2 is continuing and I must admit I look at short styles on these relaxed chicas and I want to run back to the creamy crack. Hair is hair to me. I didn't stop relaxing because of the "harmful chemicals" just for the convenience of not having to step foot into a salon and to try something new. Au revoir until next time!

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