Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am mentally and physically exhausted. Working two jobs to pay down some of these bills has truly caught up to me and I cant believe its been a month already. I can't wait until Im done but its defintely a good feeling when I send a check off to pay a bill, I wouldn't have had the money to pay for before I started working nights. Too bad I have to talk to some of the stupidest people in the world to do it lol. SMDH I work as a reservation agent dealing with airports and it amazes me how people don't know what airport or city their in most times. Makes me wonder what kind of day did they have that they can't remember what city their in? I mean its not like their musicians traveling every night for shows. These are regular, everyday people. I think? Im working everyday except Saturdays and I'll probably be trying to get more hours next week. Another good thing is that Im able to start up a savings fund that has been working well. Still trying to make it to Disney in November. Gotta make it to Disney by November. Ok enough of my rambling. Peace and blessing =)

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