Friday, October 8, 2010

My Grievances

I am tired. No I am exhausted. I also went to bed at 10:30 last night not because I had to but because my body woudn't let me stay up past 10:30. Working these 2 jobs has really put a damper on my sleep time (not that I slept that much anyway) but everyday I get up I wonder "HTH am I going to make it through the day?". I think I literally ask myself that every other minute up until my first 15 min break when I can try to squeeze in a 10 minute nap to reenergize. I promise myself more sleep on lunch but that never happens because I always seem to have stuff to do and next thing you know my hour lunch is over. So Im exhausted and unhappy with my job per usual. Ha! Ive been unhappy for quite some time now but now that they've moved me over to another office and I started working with a She-Devil (who Im convinced is plotting with my supervisor to get rid of me) I've been even more unhappy. It has gotten to the point that I just stopped speaking to her, well no more than I have to. She's rude, annoying, borderline unprofessional if she couldn't qualify as being unprofessional, and Im on the verge of going to HR about my work situation. My supervisor has asked me about it but I really don't think she has my back like she says she does. We're ok better than before but I don't trust her. This 2nd job is really killing me too, but I need the extra money. Damn it truly sucks to work two jobs and STILL not be in the same pay range with people who barely know how to turn the computer on FML. But in great, awesomeness I will soon be a business owner, so whenever these bishes decide they want to let me go I'll have more time to work on something I want to do and be my own boss. I may even have my dad coming over to help me out and I may be working with him. Yep! Im a daddy's girl so that's not a problem. Well Im off to pick up my check, since these idiots at my 2nd job can't get my direct deposit right. Ugh!

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  1. I have word for you, but I have to find them. LOL first I read a comment you posted on Fashion Bomb about subscribing to anything geared toward black women. For that I thank you. Regarding the two jobs, sis don't let those miserable bitches steal your joy. Whatever you suspect is probably true. Its work, do your time. Take pride in what you do. Do it with enjoyment and vigor. Change your mind sister you will change your life. BTW congrad on being a business owner. We need many more of you