Sunday, November 7, 2010

It Aint For Everybody: Shea Butter

Am I the only natural haired lady out there that despises shea butter? When I first decided to go natural, I read and research just about everything because Im a product junkie at heart, so I like to see what works for other people. Now granted it may not work for me, I still try it anyway just to test it out. Im going to say 9 out every 10 people used the beloved, shea butter at one point or another and LOVED it. So what did I do? Yep, went out and bought some damn shea butter from my local beauty supply. I used it straight, mixed it, whipped it, and I guess I could never get it quite right (along with not liking the smell of it). The nutty, old smell of it...just yuck! Then when I would put it on my hair it would just sit on top like a place mat on a table. I will admit I've bought products that contained shea butter and they worked just fine but plain on shea butter doesn't do anything for me. Feels like someone telling me about a good movie and when I actually go to see the movie its wack! But as they say everything ain't for everybody though we go and try it anyway. Anybody else out there feeling this way about shea butter?

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