Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Hair

So my Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL! I spent some time in my hometown of Orlando, FL with family I hadn't seen in awhile and I had a ball =) Thanksgiving dinner, Disney, and home! Oh yeah I ate well...very well...I stayed with my grandmother, so let me mention she can throw down! Oh yeah and she also wakes up at the crack of dawn for a phone prayer circle and likes to cook breakfast while she's on the phone prayer circle. Amen! Now among alot of things I was worried that I would hear drama about my hair (along with my weight..mmh yeah working on that) but instead I was pleasantly surprised that there was no drama! INSTEAD everyone from my grandmother to my cousin loved my hair LOL. Everybody relaxs so I was sure I was going to hear it (drama) but apparently I have "good hair" LOL. Saw a cousin I hadn't seen in awhile and had just BC'ed 9 days earlier and she wanted to know all of my hair "secrets" lol. Then I saw another cousin, who came to the revelation that if she stopped relaxing her hair would grow and be better than what it is now LOL. Im just tickled at myself that I thought my hair would be the topic of discussion in a bad way and it turned out to be an inspiration to a few. Natural hair girls rock!

For my Thanksgiving hair, I used some KCCC on top of KCC Knot Today and it turned out great surprisingly! I think this was the best results Ive ever had using this stuff. Debating on if I want to pay the $26 for another jar, but this jar lasted me a good 1 yr and half (which I think you're suppose to use before then because the color started looking different than when I bought it a year and a half earlier).  BTW I lost one of my earrings at Disney on the Aerosmith ride the day after Thanksgiving, after I had just found it Thanksgiving morning boo hoo hoo =( Oh well..Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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