Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's My Naturalversary! 1 year and counting...

My last relaxer was January 31, 2009 (when I sat down in that chair I knew I was making a mistake but I was there and she had already started slapping the perm on my head) and I big chopped June 6th, 2009. I don't think I had too much of a hard time letting go of my
permed ends because my hair was already short because I had been growing out my assymetrical cut from 2008.
Now that Im thinking about it I had kept recutting it after this pic was taken so both sides were cut short. I remember always wanting longer hair, but really I liked short hair. I live in Florida and I don't like hair on my neck because its just too damn hot. So I had planned to transition for a longer period of time and if I didnt like what my new growth looked like I told myself I could just perm it. It was a win win situation for me. As time went on, I got frustrated with struggling with my new growth and eventually cut it off. I wore wigs up until I went to I went to DC for the summer and revealed my natural hair. I saw so many natural heads up there and got so many comps when I came back to FL there was no way I was continuing to wear wigs. Another co worker of mine had been natural for quite some time now but she always wore wigs and when I came back not wearing one, it gave her the confidence to go for it too. So there we were two natural sistas finally free from the wigs and sharing our natural hair! =) 1 year later I'm still going strong and I keep asking myself why didn't I do this sooner? LOL I just realized that I've been saying that todays my naturalversary but while I was searching for pics for this blog my actual big chop date is June 4th! LMAO! Oh well Im still celebrating it today! Ha ha ha maybe I'll remember it better next year.                            

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