Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Should Get Locs.

That's seems to be the recurring hair theme in my life. See when I big chopped my family had nothing bad to say about my hair, since most of my immediate family are natural heads already. My mom and aunt started their loc journey before I seriously considered BCing and my cousin rocks a low cut natural fade. So I received lots of comps about my hair when I BCed all with the exclusion of my colorful weave wearing, ghetto sister. Now I do have to put this disclaimer and say I live in FL and while natural hair a la locs are supported and welcomed, wearing your natural hair without locs always get questions and unwanted comments. "When are you locing your hair?", "Oh, are you growing locs?", "You would look so good with locs." But here's the thing...I DON'T WANT LOCS! While I do like them and thought about it yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrs ago, I love the flexiblity of wearing a fro one minute to wearing my hair straight the next. You can't do with locs hence the reason I don't have any. But it just brings a lot of frustration when people suggest things for me to do with MY HAIR! And its usually people who wanted me to get a relaxer. Why can't people keep their hair comments to themselves? Interestingly enough, I started to write this blog about how my sister called my hair "nappy" over the Memorial Day weekend as if I should be offended. I had to kindly remind her that both of my parents are African American and that our ancestors came from Africa where they have hair that looks like mine. And also that her hair isn't naturally straightened because she is not of Caucasian descent. SMDH. "Oh how easily they forgot." BTW we have the same parents so I don't know how she could forget.

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